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S O L O & T W O__P E R S O N__ E X H I B I T I O N S
(solo *)
2011 November 12th through January 7th- 'Little Old One,' a Collaborative show with Bunny Reiss @ Lopo. San Francisco, CA
2011 September 3rd- Collaborative show with Kyle Ranson @ Kretz, Malamo, Sweden
2011 * May 6 –' What's lost is safe', Sky High. Milwaukee, WI ....Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2011 Feb 27-29th- Future sounds: An Installation in collaboration with Jason Jaworski up for Noise pop/ Culture Club @ SF Public Works, San Francisco, CA.
2010 * February 6 through April- Window front of Femina Potens. San Francisco, CA
2010 * January 10th- April 10th, solo exhibition at Lyon-Martin, San Francisco, CA
2010 * April 30 - 'We are dust', Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC....
2008 March 25 – ‘Feral’ with Swoon, The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA....sneak-peak-overview, plus features up on art slant, The Luggage store, art business, fecalface, free news projects and a few panorama- 1, 2, 3.
2008 August 1 – ‘One long funeral song’ with Kyle Ranson, Space 1026. Philadelphia, PA
2007 July 27 – ‘Tones of earth and bone’, with The Polariod Kid, Paper Boat Gallery, Milwaukee, WI...Juxtapoz and Shepherd Express reviews
2006 * September 25 – Solo Show, Homemade Cafe, Oakland, CA
2006 * December 2 – ‘The Dispossessed’, Needles and Pens, San Francisco, CA..... Take a look at the New sign i made for N & P!! Plus press from Fecal Face, fecalface, N&P, art business, and an Art Fever review
2005 * February 23- ‘This Is Home’, Isabel Percy West Gallery, Oakland, CA

G R O U P__ E X H I B I T I O N S
Feb 24th- June- Public art project for DC 5x5. Washington DC
April 3rd- 'Happy Medium' @ Nancy Victor Gallery. London, England
April 11th- 'The Folding of a Known World w./ Swoon & Dennis Mcnett @ Galleria Patricia Armocida. Milano, Italy
April 28th- 'Small' Group show @ 19Karen. Queensland, Australia
May 18th- 'Streetopia' @ The Luggage Store & The Tenderloin National Forest. San Francisco, CA
June 7th- Art Now: A survey of Urban Contemporary Art @ Art Now NY. Chelsea, New York
July- Building in Detroit at The Treasure nest
July/ August- 'Suspension of disbelief' @ Wunderkammern. Rome, Italy


March 4th- 'Good Folks' @ Show & Tell gallery. Toronto, Canada
April 23rd- 'Ressurection' @ Cinders, Brooklyn, NY.
April 30th- 'Sugar Mountain Festival' @ Forum theater. Melbourne, Australia
August 12-14- Art installation @ Outside Lands festival. San Francisco, CA
October 4th- 'Paper quilt', collaborative work with Alexis Mackenzie, The Berkeley Art Center. Berkeley, CA
October 15- Nov 5- Teaching workshops with Girls ink in collaboration with The Berkeley Art Museum
October 23rd- Passport with SFAC Gallery. San Francisco, CA
November 19th- Pachaganda @ Galleria De La Raza. San Francisco, California
November 22th-30th - Regency reconstruction/ destruction project in collaboration with Rabid Hands Collective. Columbia, Missouri
December 10th through February 4th- 'The More We Wander' with Kyle Ranson @ Needles & Pens. San Francisco, California


March 6 – Bestiary: ‘Back to the Wild’, Femina Potens. San Francisco, CA
April 10 – ‘SUBject/ subJECT’, Subliminal Projects, collaborative work with Swoon. Los Angeles, CA
May 22 – ‘The get together’, Installation at the Marin Headlands, Marin, CA
June 14 – 18, ‘Art Forts’, San Francisco Day School. San Francisco, CA
July 1 – ‘We haven’t felt this way in years II’, Heist Gallery, San Francisco, CA
August 6 – ‘Decade with no name’, Best of the East Bay, Jack London Square. Oakland, CA
August 14 – ‘Hello Sweeden’, Kretz. Malamo, Sweeden
October 12- Nov 2 – Juxtapoz/ Powerhouse building project. Detroit, MI......More press on fecalface,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...a photo essay & video by Tod Seelie
November 16 – ‘Wallpaper’, Art & Design Barcelona Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
November 27 – ‘The bridge is over’, Lopo. San Francisco, CA
December 11 – ‘Wreck the walls’, Subliminal Projects. Los Angeles, CA
December 11 – ‘Golden State’, RVCA. San Francisco, CA

February 28 – ‘Our starry universe’, collaborative show with Hardland + Hartland, Art of this. Minneapolis, MN
March 5-8th - Benefit Exhibition for Swimming Cities of Serenissima, Fountain Art Fair. NY, NY
March 14- Benefit auction #2 for Swimming Cities, Secret Project Robot. Brooklyn , NY.... pictures of The Swimming Cities of Serenissima boat project on suckapants,
Tod Seelie's photo gallery
, the groups flickr, and this exagerated article in New York Magazine!!
March 28- ‘Deeper Visions II’, Shelter Surf Shop, Long Beach, CA
September 11 - Hot & Cold Zine release and exhibition, Baer Ridgeway, SF
October 8 – ‘CCA 2009 Illustration Dept Faculty & Alumni Show’, CCAC. San Francisco, CA
October 15 – ‘Distance Don't Matter’, Show with Swoon + others, Space. Portland, Maine.......installation preview and a photo essay by Tod Seelie. Film.
November 6 – ‘Gen n’, MACLA. San Jose, CA
November 14 – ‘Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary show’, Factory Palace Arts. LA, CA
November 20 – ‘PANKABESTIA: Punk Beasts of the Swimming Cities of Serenissima’, Annonymous Gallery. New York, New York
December 2 – Showing with Annonymous Gallery, Scope Art Fair. Miami, FL

February 2 - Group Exchange show, 96 Gillespi, London, England.......Here's a nice little spread by tweakerzine and some pictures
March 7 – ‘Balls Out’, Grass Hut, Portland, OR
April 5 – ‘Hope Springs Eternal’, Needles & Pens. San Francisco, CA.........opening pics, making the Book
May 9 – ‘Combine’, BLVD Gallery. Seattle, WA
August 9 – ‘There: New art from Oakland’, Di Rosa Preserve, Napa, CA............KQED gallery crawl video feature
September 4 – ‘All cut up’, Roebling Hall. New York, NY
September 7 - Mural with David Ellis- unveiling, Deitch Porjects. Long Island City, NYC........marching band plays in front of our mural
October 2 – ‘Locals only’, RVCA. San Francisco, California
October 11 – ‘Art Makes Eye Contact,’ Secret Project Robot. Brooklyn, New York
Ocotber 23 –‘ Contain’, Anonymous Gallery. New York, New York
November 29 – ‘Bobby Hutton Memorial Benefit’, The Luggage Store Gallery. San Francisco, CA
December 5 – ‘Spirit animals/ Animal spirit’, Sweet hickory. Bloomington, Indiana

February 1 – ‘Illustrious’, Compound Gallery, Portland, OR....
March 9 – ‘Femmes Forces’, Ai Gallery, Chicago, IL
April 15 – ‘Less is More’, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA
May 11 - Group show, Galleria De La Raza, San Francisco, CA......art business blurb
May 21 – Ethsix Magazine Launch, Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
June 8 – ‘Porch Show’, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
July 19 - Mauled by Tigers Benefit art show, Chicago, IL
July 5 - Benefit show for The Autopsy, Melbourne, Australia
August 2 - Fecal Face Art Party, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA
September 28 - Downy Bird Art Kingdom Book Release and exhibition, Onsix Gallery, SF, CA
October 4 - Ethsix Magazine release and exhibition, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA
October 25 –‘ Heap’ with Swoon + David Ellis, Black Rat Press, London, England..... Here are Pictures and a panorama from the show
Oct 19 - Jan 13 – ‘Convergence: CCAC Alumni’, Oakland museum at the Oakland Airport, Oakland, CA
November 17 – ‘Pachanga’, Galeria de la Raza, San Francisco, CA

February 9- ‘Sold Out’, White Walls Gallery. San Francisco, CA
February 10- ‘Interwoven’, Onsix Gallery. San Francisco, CA
February 15- ‘Osaka Print Exchange’, Oliver Art Center, Oakland, CA
June 2 - Ethsix Magazine Launch & Art Exhibition, AR Space. San Francisco, CA
July 6 – ‘Well Hung’, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA
July 20 – ‘The Sleeping Habits of Strangers’, Cell Space, San Francisco, CA
August 2 – ‘Best of The Bay Show’, Onsix Gallery, San Francisco, CA
September 15 – ‘Labyrinth’, Red Ink Studios & Onsix, San Francisco, CA
October 13 – ‘We Will All Be Well’-(Self currated) Benefit, Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA
October 19 – ‘Oakland: West Side Story’, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF, CA
December 1 – ‘The Girls Room’, Jen Beckman Gallery, New York, NY
December 14 – ‘Dirty Hands’, Cinders Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
December 16 – ‘Gratitude Nights’, Benefit, 111 Townsend, San Francisco, CA
December 29 - ‘Destroy Everything’, Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery, Brooklyn, Ny

January 7- ‘Sacred Geometry’, Onsix Gallery, San Francisco, CA
January 28- ‘Interwoven’, Onsix Gallery, San Francisco, CA
February 9- Group Show, Chow, San Francisco, CA
February 16- ‘Ocean Crossing: Osaka Print Exchange’, Oliver Art Center, Oakland, CA
February 16- ‘Ghosts and Monsters’, Nexus Gallery, Berkeley, CA
March 18- ‘Bucky Printers’, Boontling Gallery, Oakland, CA
April 23- Group Show, Kyle's, Berkeley, CA
May 14- ‘Every Dog Has It's Day’, Red Ink Studios, San Francisco, CA
July 15- ‘Underground’, Counter Pulse, San Francisco, CA
July 16- ‘None The Less’, Needles and Pens, San Francisco, CA
July 22- ‘Comfort’, Mission 17 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
September 9- ‘Laberinth’, Red Ink Studios/ Onsix Gallery, San Francisco
September 17- Mission Art Walk: 14th Street Mural Project, Needles and Pens, SF

October 30- ‘Seven Deadly Sins’, Onsix Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2004 November 10- ‘Congratulations’ with Jamie Nelson, Burning Tree Cafe, Oakland, CA

October 17- ‘The Bent Show’, Lobot Gallery, Oakland, CA
November 20- Group Show, Needles and Pens, San Francisco, CA