Circo Zero, Z space


a queer fantasy of improvised collaboration where body and land meet ancestry and futurity

Choreographed and performed by jose e. abad, Snowflake Calvert, Keith Hennessy, Ishmael Houston-Jones, and Kevin O’Connor with music by Gabriel Nuñez de Arco with jose e. abad in an immersive installation and costuming by Monica Canilao & Azul Rosa and lighting design by GG Torres.

TRY explores what Sadiya Hartman calls, “Acts of collaboration and improvisation that unfold within the space of enclosure.”

The TRY team’s collaborative work circles around the crises and potentials of land, healing, movement, consent, ownership and solidarity. We seek a soft experience where land acknowledgement and fascia can be woven into a single conversation. Where bodies are energies and powers at the same time, always entangled within the ecologies from which they emerge.