The More We Wander

KRETZ. Malmö, Sweden// Needles & Pens. San Francisco, CA


Monica Canilao (b. 1983) and Kyle Ranson (b. 1969) live and work in San Francisco and Oakland. The exhibition at KRETS is their second collaborative exhibition ever and is based on various forms of magic – on cults, secret societies and voodoo ceremonies. During a couple of weeks, they have been making works for their exhibition at ‘Neon’ Artist residency in a studio there in Brösarp, using recycled and found material to create an installation that transforms the gallery space into an immersive and magic universe.


In August of 2011, Monica Canilao and Kyle Ranson traveled to Malmö Sweden to create a collaborative show entitled THE MORE WE WANDER at the renowned KRETZ Gallery. The work produced for the show (much of it made on location in Sweden) has never been exhibited in the U.S. Please join us for the “home-coming” of their works and for what will undoubtedly be an incredible , multi-layered, multi-media, installation of mind-bending folksy beauty.



KRETZ opening// SEPTEMBER 2011

Needles & Pens opening// DECEMBER 2011