Seafoam Palace

Detroit, Michigan


Currently under construction, SEAFOAM PALACE will be a museum that explores the nature of curiosity and wonder. It is part restoration project and part creative endeavor. The interdisciplinary project is currently spearheaded by a group of artists, writers, filmmakers, sociologists, engineers, historians and more (including Burning Man co-founder John Law and Julia Solis of The Dark Passage) in Detroit. The historic building has already been purchased and now the team behind Seafoam Palace is hoping to restore and repair it—since it’s been vacant for over 20 years and in desperate need of some attention. As a modern ‘Wunderkammer’, the museum’s exhibitions will encourage visitors to investigate their own sense of the marvelous while playing with the frontiers of art, science, history and adventure. What are the new realms from which we bring back our mysterious artifacts, what are the puzzles that enchant us? In addition to creative interpretations, the museum will offer workshops and programming to examine these ideas in media such as photography, audio and publishing.

The museum building is on the National Register of Historic Places on Detroit’s east side. Fundraising activities are currently underway to complete renovations.