Playing with Fire /// Annie Sprinkle + Beth Stephens



Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens got married to fire with a coterie of artists and light workers as part of an Ecosexual ceremony in the Big Basin redwood forest on the banks of the San Lorenzo. I, along with Azul, was tasked with Making the main costuming, props, set decoration, the bouquet and extras for their wedding & film ‘Playing with Fire’.

Annie Sprinkle is an artist, performer and well-known sexologist, and Stephens, a filmmaker and professor of art at UC Santa Cruz.

Ecosexuality, sometimes known as “sexecology,” is a form of environmental activism that Sprinkle and Stephens have been practicing since 2008. The concept is about exploring sensuality in nature and thinking of the Earth as a “lover” instead of the go-to personification of Earth as mother, or worse. Ecosexuality does not have to be about sex per se but rather, being inspired and “turned on” by the natural world.

Sprinkle and Stephens use all the artistic tools available to them as part of the movement: Their tours, films and workshops involve visual art, performance, storytelling and other media, all frequently invoking earlier artistic movements like Absurdism, Dada, Fluxus and the sex positivity Sprinkle is known for in her work as an adult film performer and sex worker.