Brooklyn, New York


On July 27th, 2018 Muddguts is excited to present MCXT (Self-Titled)…
a show featuring the collaborative work of mixed-media artists, Monica Canilao and Xara Thustra. Coming up in the Bay Area’s thriving DIY community, Xara and Monica bonded over their shared feminist, anti-capitalist ethics and built a collaborative relationship inspired by their common love of queerdos, weirdos, and wide open revolutionary spirits. Monica and Xara have each showcased their independent work around the world, but this is their first solo show working collectively as MCXT.
Stemming from combined drawings, each of their painted works reflects their collaborative process. This magickal interplay is fundamental to MCXT; Through the fluid interaction of their distinct styles, they arrive at a shared visual understanding, providing viewers with a glimpse of a process of communication beyond language. The result is a kaleidoscopic– sometimes hallucinatory– plunge into the implacability and multiplicity of the queer hivemind. Using layering, flux, and composite beings, MCXT contemplates otherness and it’s unificatory potential.

Thanks to longstanding and formative relationships with Monica and Xara, Muddguts is especially thrilled to host MCXT’s first NYC solo show.

As part of the show MUDDGUTS published a monographic MCXT book/// over 100 color pages offset plate printed saddle stitched on newsprint paper made by Monica Canilao & Xara Thustra