Headscapes Warehouse. Long Island City, Queens


Artist-organized warehouse show opens in Long Island City April 17-27.
Headscapes Warehouse: 26-15 Jackson Avenue, Queens 11101.

Carl Jung built himself a house by a lake. He designed and made it with his own hands. It was no ordinary house. Four stone towers represented the human mind, and a courtyard in the center symbolized the deepest inner psyche.

Jung thought our dreams are haunted by the dreams of our ancestors — the dreams of humans who believed in magic instead of certainty. At RESONANCE, a dozen artists dig into archetypes and magic, and, like Jung, apply it to the everyday, to the home. In this collaborative, artist-run group show, the most common objects have deeper meanings, darker pasts, and, most importantly, shared meanings.

Featured artists include:

Jade Brandt
Ben Burke
Monica Canilao
M.V. Carbon
Nathan Corbin
Robin Frohardt
Jay MacDonald
Orien McNeil
Martina Mrongovius
Benjamin Mortimer
Nick Normal
Michael O’Toole
Jeff Stark with Sarah McMillan, Laura McMillian, and Ryan O’Connor
Allison Termine

Bank of Mutual Interest unveils a new project in the front room of RESONANCE. Artbacks is a project focused on the symbolic power of money, and specifically the symbol. Here, the dollar is exposed as a magic rune focused on and empowered by billions. The artists presenting create their own money, offering a more positive means of exchange and value. With Swoon, PONEROS, Duke Riley, Christopher Hackett & Bronwen Densmore, Arielle Avenia & Violette Olympia

RESONANCE opens on April 17 and closes on April 27 at the Headscapes Warehouse at 26-19 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, Queens. Several events are scheduled throughout the run including the premier of ReCreation, a film by Nathan Corbin involving 13 noise musicians who entered the woods five years ago this Easter.  There will also be live bands and collaborative dinners in the gallery. A performance experiment in Morphic Resonance will run concurrent with the show.

RESONANCE is organized by Benjamin Mortimer, with support from See.Me, Rockrose, and the Holocenter Center for the Holographic Arts.


APRIL 2014