Illegal// MCXT Meditation Booth

Luggage Store Gallery, San francisco


November 10, 2017

The exhibition is about artists who have had to dance around, skirt or break the law to express themselves and make their work. During these critical times, we expect and believe that more and more artists will be faced with more and more laws and regulations affecting free speech and expression.
A special event will take place on Friday December 1:
Friday Dec. 1, Artists Survival Techniques and The Law. 7:30pm
A performative talk with real life advice from Ragi da Lawyer & Matt Gonzalez:
A wide ranging conversation with two lawyers; each of whom have dealt with a myriad of legal issues with and for artists, including their how to survive tips and stories of those who made BIG mistakes.

Participating Artists:

Ant Farm-Chip Lord
Eliza Barrios
Monica Canilao & Xara Thustra
Judith Donath
Cheryl Dunn
Dustin Fosnot
Kat Geng
Matt Gonzalez
Chad Hasegawa
Ivy Jeanne
Chris Johanson
Paul Kos
Piper Lewine
Gabby Miler
Girl Mobb & Danielle O’Malley aka Filthcakes
Trevor Paglen
Eric Paulos,Ken Goldberg & Mark Pauline
Michele Pred
Ragi da Lawyer
Rigo 23
Rudy Rucker, Sr.
Sham Sawnz
Ivory Serra
Dave Schubert
Yarrow Slaps
Kal Spelletic

Curatorial Team: Kal Spelletich, Darryl Smith, Alicia McCarthy