Husmann Tschaeni + MCXT

Oakland, California


MCXT collaborations with Michael Husmann Tschaeni //////

In May of 2019 Together Xara, Monica & Michael met for the first time and within a day of meeting began collaborating on a big series of works and photo experimentations which later where transformed into both indoor and outdoor installations. They then got meta- photo to painting to installation to photoshoot to exhibition to print and sewn color copy… full circle.
The Adonis painting has been shown at Adobe Books, The Queer Arts festival and the Santa Cruz Art and History Museum (The MAH) in different iterations of installation assemblages. The fantastical photos created together on their trip to Oakland resulted in a myriad of elaborate paintings made by Michael.

About Michael
The extremely colorful world of Michael Husmann Tschaeni, an artist born with inherited hearing loss, includes a wide variety of media. For the creation of his work ideas, he uses reverse glass and wall painting, installations, videos, and performances. The reverse glass painting takes an important place. With this technique, the individual layers applied mirror-inverted one after the other to the acrylic glass. The numerous superimpositions, in which a wide variety of media and materials such as watercolor, oil paint, colored pencil, synthetic resin, spray, pigments or glitter are used, make the previous layer disappear in each case, corrective interventions are impossible. The end result is therefore also a surprise for the artist and is only revealed after drying when the work is turned over. Important sources of inspiration for Michael artistic practice are travel and the experience of foreign surroundings. For Michael, dealing with a topic over a long period of time is of great importance. Working in a series or chapter like format, is significant to his style and process. He concentrates exclusively on the present. The starting point are photo shoots where people and animals are captured in costumes. Further photographs are taken during subsequent performances at selected locations. This pool of snapshots forms the foundation for the paintings. Over a period of several months, the artist devotes himself to the so-called chapters. These are fed by the current life situation and experiences and result in pictures and installations. “The stories are real, they are translated into mystical worlds,” the artist describes the process of creation. It is personal views of one’s own life presented in a magical way, such as in the works little prophecies (2018), beyond (2019), looking at the big picture (2022). Despite the exuberant colorfulness, it is not an ideal world, but a reality that encompasses everything from beauty to melancholy. Mostly created as large-format to murals, even expansive works supplemented by performances, we lose focus when looking at them, immerse ourselves and engage in a game with our imagination.

Michael Husmann Tschaeni lives and works in Beinwil am See, Switzerland.