Up and Coming

November 30, 2015
After a long many months of projects I have officially blown out my elbows and wrists, collapsed my carpal tunnel and have to wear double arm braces. For now I have to go super easy and 
am not supposed to be using my arms or working. At least the last few months I got a crazy amount of projects done. You can find me on the back cover of the Decemeber issue of Juxtapoz

October 7, 2015
Was just in Detroit for Murals in The Market with 1xRun painting a 100' x 18' wall in collaboration with Pat Perry, Ouizi, Nick Mann & Ben Wolf. here is some press 1, 2, and a new interview with Mass Appeal
I did two new print releases in conjunction with the festival >>>>> 'Home Sick' Gold & Copper

NEXT UP- >>>> Heading to Boston to paint a massive mural for Converse Blank Canvas.
CURRENT SHOWS UP NOW >>>>>>> 4%ers @ Fecalface Gallery. San Francisco, CA
                             LAX/LHR @Stollenspace Gallery. London
                             Predator/ Prey @ Honeycomb Gallery. Buenos Aries

August 20th, 2015- 
Releasd a very special limited edition print with 1xRun... Just 4 days left to get one!!

August 7th, 2015-
 The Alchemy Show // interview and video on Juxtapoz!! and installation images Here & here

June 7, 2015-
Headed out soon on a roadtrip back to Detroit to work on a big group show that I am curating titled ALCHEMY which opens at Inner State Gallery July 10th. 
As well as more magic with The Seafoam Museum of Arts & Amusements!! We will be on the road for the next two months adventuring with our truck fulla art, tools, motorcyles & babes!! 
Look out for updates on my instagram __moreferalthan__ while on the road and adventuring. 

February 28-
Just back from adventuring in the Slab City desert. We built a fort to live in for two weeks as part of a new collaborative project with photographer Aaron Huey 
in which we will eventually make into a book called 'Shelter'. Our home also doubled as a set for a short film called Bring Water, in which I also played a roll!!

November 19th, 2014-
Tomorrow evening at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery in London I have a two person show opening called MIMICRY with Outi Pieski. 
Works included in the show, including a new series of ten pieces using vintage pin ups is on my flickr.

also upcoming I will have work at the Chandran Gallery booth at Scope as well as making a collaborative underwater installation with Swoon for Miami Art Basel in the beginning of December. More Details to come!!

Septemeber 25th, 2014-
My new book is printed!!!! PAPER BIRDS // LOST FACES will be at the Cinders booth #N25 at The Printed Matter NY Art Book Fair 
this weekend at MoMA PS1. I'll be at the booth hanging out & signing copies this Saturday the 27th at 1pm. Printed locally in SF & published by Chandran Gallery. 
You can also get it online HERE!!

August 12, 2014-
Just home from Tunisia and five months of projects back to back. 
so here is some of what I Have been up to!!!!!
>:---> Djerba Hood Project, Tunisia
>>:---> The Provocateurs, Chicago
>>>:---> Painted Desert Project// Navajo Nations Reservation, Arizona
>>>>:---> Sea Foam Palace Museum of Curiosity, Detroit
>>>>>:---> Born From Ruins// solo show @ Subliminla Projects, Los Angeles 
>>>>>>:---> Shibabri Collaborations 
>>>>>>>:---> Resonance Show, New York

May 9th, 2014-
BORN FROM RUINS opens June 7th at Subliminal Projects

April 29th, 2014-
Sorry friends... my website has been down because I was hacked. Now it is back & here are some updates! 
I still will not have time to build a new website or update the last years worth of projects just yetas I have been traveling non stop for projects. 
I am however home again and in the works of building a new solo show BORN FROM RUINS which will be opening June 7th at Subliminal Projects in LA!!
Check out photos from my last show RESONANCE in New York at the Headscapes Warehouse....

-::>>>----> WHAT I HAVE BEEN UP TO <----<<<::-
           >>  instagram & Tumblr  <<

>> December 5th, 2013- Installation, art and collaborative performance with Sorne at Miami Art Basel with Juxtapoz & Chandaran Gallery
>>>> March 29th, 2014- Waves for Water artist surf board auction to Benefit aid relief in the Phillipines with Juxtapoz// UNIV// Chandaran gallery
>>>>>> Fashion collaborations with Vaunt & Sol
>>>>>>>> The Seafoam Palace of Arts & Amusements in Detroit
>>>>>>>>>> Helped Swoon build her solo show Submerged Motherlands at The Brooklyn Museum// and we rebuilt the Swimming Cities rafts which came back from Venice!!
>>>>>>>>>>>> Art in The Streets// Detroit Art Houses feature video shot by Colin Day
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rode a mechanical Bull in the music video Giddy Up
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Been working on a secret collaborative photo series involving talented friends, magical sets, shibari by Bondage Erotique , & costumes I made

                           -<<<<<-                                                      ->>>>>-

December 17th, 2012- 
Home after many months of projects!!!! First time working on an independant film as production & costume designer in Detroit, 'Orion' with Director Asiel Norton, 
building installations in Bushwick's Trip House & mirrored pyramids for Roberto Cavalli in NYC, work on The Treasure Nest in Detroit, starting murals on powerhouse's Ride It Skate Park,
collected paper and photos from all over Detroits' ruins for the huge paper quilt I am making for the Oakland Museum that will be shown in the 'Paper Works' show at 
The Oakland Airport (Feb 14 - June 7). Also rallying the troops and organizing a big Detroit projects and residency benefit, 'IRON TO GOLD/ ASHES TO HOPE',    
which opens for one night in SF on January 4th!!!! .. more details to come!

May 3rd, 2012-
Home again from three long months of travel for projects.....here are some videos, press and pictures to keep your head in the clouds
>>>>>-------> 'Home Mender' for DC 5x5 with the DC Arts Commission-
Video..... Bowerbirds plays a secret show inside the installation, Time lapse with song by Enamored, & another time lapse of the installations beginnings
Press..... Lets not talk about art post, Brightest young things, The Washington post, 
Photo galleries.... Tod Seelie's photos- installation/ opening, the finshed installation , fecal face post, & my Flickr set 
>>>>>--------> "The Folding of a Known World' at Patricia Armocida Gallery in Milan Press...... Juxtapoz, gewgauze, arrested motion, and my Flickr set Also Newly Released albums I did art for, Bowerbirds 'The Clearing' & Japanthers 'Beets , Limes and Rice' >>>>>> I also started a new blog that is mostly about magic and being feral.... the other is for art updates <<<<<<< Also in limited edition, the Streetopia book..... Check out an interview my friend Bunnie and I did together for our show, a review by Ransom Notes, High Fructose, a rad preview video, a beautiful short by Colin Day, and a feature I just did with In The Make! And from Sweden, The More We Wander and the work we made there other upcoming projects and shows I am doing are..... SHOWS UP NOW/ COMING 2013 Feb 14- June 7- 'Paper Works' with the Oakland Museum @ The Oakland Airport. Oakland, CA May 25th- DIRTY FINGERS print show @ 26-15 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, NY July 12th- Dirty Fingers @ In:Surgo Gallery. Berlin, Germany Oct 3rd - 14th- The Provocateurs in Austin, Texas Octo 18th- Works showcased in Slick Artfair with Wunderkammern. Paris, France November 1st- 'Troublesome Houses' A Will Oldham themed Art Show @ Louisville Visual Arts Association. Louisville, KT July 23rd- To my suprise.. I just got awarded best artist in the East Bay Express & made the cover. Also just finished... the time lapse of installing 'What's lost is safe' at Sky High Gallery!!! June 6th, 2011- Video feature and article about Us & our new house 'The Treasure Nest' in the Detroit news!! June 1st 2011- Home again from Milwaukee & Our new home away from home, The Treasure Nest in Detroit!! Here's some photos 1, 2 & press.... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and from Detroit.... photos & the Metro Times article on The Rapture party we threw!
->>>>-----I have also just started a blog so I can more easily post and archive projects, photos, press & other misadventures!!----> **Check out pictures of Swoon's Swimming Cities of Serenissima boat project that i was a part of on suckapants, Tod Seelie's photo gallery, the groups flickr, and this exagerated article in New York Magazine!! CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AVAILABLE PRINT EDITIONS OUT NOW -- 'This moment Crystalized' print with Cinders Gallery -- 'Time Machine' with Braddock Tiles -- 'The Light Within' with The Working Proof -- 'Indian' that you can contact me for/ also available for extra individual embellishment ---------work, always... just ask! love your friends and win. ->>>>------------------> ->->->>--------------------> ->>>-----------> See pictures from past shows and projects in the up and comin' section! <------------<<<-
              * Please also ask permission when reusing images on or linked from my website *