Oakland, California

2005 BFA Illustration California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA

(solo *)
2022 Oct- March- ReflectioNNN, MCXT full exhibition + install, The MAH Museum, Santa Cruz, CA
2022 Sept- Venetian Carnival// Common Grounds, Santa Cruz MAH, Santa Cruz, CA
2022 Feb 16-20- Spring break MCXT booth show, Los Angeles, CA
2021 *Dec 22 – Jan 3rd – Piecing, 836 M Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2019- Sucka Free// MCXT , Adobe Books, San Francisco, CA
2018 Oct 4- March 24, 2019 Infinite Other, MCXT collab museum show with Xara Thustra,
The Mah Museum, Santa Cruz, CA
2018 July 27- MCXT solo show, Muddguts Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Sept- MCXT show and art residency/ show, Bed Stuy Art Residency, Brooklyn, NY
2016 Feb 19- Witch Wife, collab show with Swoon, Chandran Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2016 Infinite// intimate, collaborative show with Lauren Napolitano, Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans, LA
2014 Nov 21 – Mimicry with Outi Pieski, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Wandsworth, London
2014 *Born From Ruins, Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Little Old One, Collaborative show with Bunnie Reiss, Lopo Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2011 The More We Wander, Collaborative show with Kyle Ranson, Kretz, Malmo Sweden
2011 * January 10th- April 10th, solo exhibition at Lyon-Martin Clinic, San Francisco, CA
2011 * May 6 – What’s Lost Is Safe, Sky High Gallery. Milwaukee, WI
2010 * February 6 through April- Window front Installation, Femina Potens. San Francisco, CA
2010 * April 30 – We Are Dust, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NYC
2008 March 25 – Feral with Swoon, The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2008 August 1 – One Long Funeral Song with Kyle Ranson, Space 1026. Philadelphia, PA
2007 July 27 – Tones of Earth and Bone, with The Polariod Kid, Paper Boat Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
2006 * September 25 – Solo Show, Homemade Cafe, Oakland, CA
2006 * December 2 – The Dispossessed, Needles and Pens, San Francisco, CA
2005 * February 23 – This Is Home, Isabel Percy West Gallery, Oakland, CA
2004 November 10 – Congratulations with Jamie Nelson, Burning Tree Cafe, Oakland, CA


summer – Exhibition + Wall, STRAAT Museum, Amsterdam

Nov 3 – Chris Johanson Group show, Altman Siegel Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Sept-Oct – Beyond Binary, SF State, San Francisco, CA
July- sept 18 – Assembly, Space Gallery, Portland, Maine
June 11 – july 30 – 10 year anniversary show, Superchief Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
June 7 – July 6 – VAZ A VER/ You will see, national Queer Arts Festival, SOMARTS, San Francisco, CA
March 19- BG Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

June 26 – Ginga, Chandran Gallery, San Francisco, CA
May 6 – The Intricate Intimate, Allouche Gallery, New York, New York
Jan 24 – How about that, Hey check This Out Gallery, New York, New York

October 19 – Primary Wurld, Swim Gallery, San Francisco, CA
May 1 – Dirty Paradise 3, Joseph Wales, Margate, London UK
April 13 – Aug 11 Queer California: Untold Stories, MCXT entryway mural, OMCA, Oakland, CA
April 8 – A Woman’s Place: Celebrating Women Artists, curated by SF MoMA, Asana, San Francisco, CA
April 6 – Together, KP Projects, Los Angeles, CA
March 7- Art on Paper Fair// with Cinders Gallery, New York, NY

Nov 3 – Pave, New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA
Sept 17- Openings: queer group show, Lair Fera, Brooklyn, NY
May 26 – Still Lifes & Real life, Swim Gallery, San Francisco , CA
May 18 – Ruffles, ritual & Repair, The Wedding Cake House/ Dirt Palace, Providence, RI
June 8- Maiden Form, Edling Gallery, New York, NY
July 27- MCXT solo show, Muddguts Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

May 9- Cuatro Espiritu, Art residency/ exhibition, Residentia Gorila/ Tulum Art Club, Tulum, Mexico
May 29- June 13- Future tongue / Sanctuary show. Little Toyko Arts Complex, Los Angeles, CA
June 3 – Twenty One group show, Subliminal Projects, Los Angeles, CA
Nov 10- Illegal group show, The Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA

July 30- the Detroiter, Heron Arts, San Francisco, CA
May 21- Swimming in the playground, upper play ground, San Francisco, CA
May 5th – Art Leadhers/ womens group show , Joseph Gross Gallery. NYC

Nov 7- Strange girls never die. CO exhibitions, Minneapolis, MN
Oct 14- predator/ prey group show. Honeycomb gallery. Buenos Aries
September 3- ‘LAX/LHR’ , stolen space gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Sept 2- 4%ers, gallery women’s show, Fecal Face Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Sept 17- 27 murals in the market, Detroit eastern market
August- Headgear., Five & diamond, San Francisco, CA
July 10- Alchemy Show (Work, installation and curating), interstate Gallery, Detroit, MI
April 28th – SF art market with Chandran Gallery. San Francisco, CA

April 14- Resonance Group installation show, Headscapes, Long Island City, NY
July 31- The Provocateurs, Art Alliance & Obey, Block 37, Chicago, IL
July 14 – Time will tell , imago mundo New Orleans, LA
July 10- cinders 10 year: decade of Decadence, Dossier Outpost. New York, NY
June 6th- Chaos/pattern show, Cinders Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Dec 5-8- Miami art Basel Installation w/ Juxtapoz and Chandran Gallery, shore club. Miami, FL
Dec 20- A massive swelling. Muddguts. Brooklyn, NY
November 1- Troublesome Houses, Louisville Visual Art Association, Louisville, KT
October 18 – Featured works, Slick art Fair with Wunderkammern, Paris, France
October 3- The Provocateurs, Subliminal Gallery, Austin, Texas
July 12 – Dirty Fingers, In: Surgo Gallery, Berlin, Germany
May 25 – Dirty Fingers print show, Cinders/ 26-15 Jackson, Long Island City, NY

April 3 – Happy Medium, Nancy victor Gallery, London , England
April 11 – The Folding of a Known World- Collaborative show with Swoon & Dennis Mcnett, Patricia Armocida Gallery, Milano, Italy
April 28 – Small, 19 Karen Contemporary Art space, Gold Coast, Australia
May 18 – Streetopia, The Luggage Store & Tenderloin National Forest, San Francisco, CA
June 7- Art Now: A Survey of Urban Contemporary Art, Art Now NY, Chelsea, NY
August- The Suspension of Disbelief, Wunderkammern Gallery. Rome, Italy

March 4 – Good Folks, Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto, Canada
April 23 – Ressurection, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
April 30 – Sugar Mountain Festival, Forum theater, Melbourne, Australia
October 15 – Paper quilt, with Alexis Mackenzie, The Berkeley Art Center. Berkeley, CA
October 28 – White Picket Fence installation. San Francisco, CA

March 6 – Bestiary: ‘Back to the Wild’, Femina Potens. San Francisco, CA
April 10 – SUBject/ subJECT, Subliminal Projects, collaborative work with Swoon. Los Angeles, CA
May 22 – The Get Together, Installation at the Marin Headlands, Marin, CA
June 14 – 18, ‘Art Forts’, San Francisco Day School. San Francisco, CA
July 1 – We haven’t felt this way in years II, Heist Gallery, San Francisco, CA
August 6 – Decade with No Name: Best of the East Bay, Jack London Square. Oakland, CA
August 14 – Hello Sweden, Kretz. Malmo, Sweden
November 16 – Wallpaper, Art & Design Barcelona Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
November 27 – The Bridge is Over, Lopo. San Francisco, CA
December 11 – Wreck the Walls, Subliminal Projects. Los Angeles, CA
December 11 – Golden State, RVCA. San Francisco, CA


Feb 28 – Our Starry Universe, collaborative show with Hardland + Hartland, Art of this. Minneapolis, MN
March 5-8th – Benefit Exhibition for Swimming Cities of Serenissima, Fountain Art Fair. NY, NY
March 14- Benefit auction #2 for Swimming Cities, Secret Project Robot. Brooklyn , NY
March 28- Deeper Visions II, Shelter Surf Shop, Long Beach, CA
September 11 – Hot & Cold Zine release and exhibition, Baer Ridgeway, SF
October 8 – CCA 2009 Illustration Dept Faculty & Alumni Show, CCAC. San Francisco, CA
October 15 – Distance Don’t Matter, Show with Swoon + others, Space Gallery, Portland, Maine
November 6 – Gen n, MACLA, San Jose, CA
November 14 – Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary show, Factory Palace Arts, LA, CA
Nov 20 – PANKABESTIA: Punk Beasts of the Swimming Cities of Serenissima, Annonymous Gallery. New York, NY
December 2 – Featured with Anonymous Gallery, Scope Art Fair. Miami, FL

February 2 – Group Exchange show, 96 Gillespi, London, England
March 7 – Balls Out, Grass Hut, Portland, OR
April 5 – Hope Springs Eternal, Needles & Pens. San Francisco, CA
May 9 – Combine, BLVD Gallery. Seattle, WA
August 9 – There: New art from Oakland, Di Rosa Preserve, Napa, CA
September 4 – All Cut Up, Roebling Hall. New York, NY
October 2 – Locals Only, RVCA. San Francisco, California
October 11 – Art Makes Eye Contact, Secret Project Robot. Brooklyn, New York
November 29 – Bobby Hutton Memorial Benefit, The Luggage Store Gallery. San Francisco, CA
December 5 – Spirit animals/ Animal spirit, Sweet hickory. Bloomington, Indiana

February 1 – Illustrious, Compound Gallery, Portland, OR
March 9 – Femmes Forces, Ai Gallery, Chicago, IL
April 15 – Less is More, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA
May 11 – Pistolitas de Azucar, Galleria De La Raza, San Francisco, CA
May 21 – Ethsix Magazine Launch, Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, CA
June 8 – Porch Show, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
July 19 – Mauled by Tigers Benefit art show, Chicago, IL
July 5 – Benefit show for The Autopsy, Melbourne, Australia
August 2 – Fecal Face Art Party, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA
September 28 – Downy Bird Art Kingdom Book Release and exhibition, Onsix Gallery, SF, CA
October 4 – Ethsix Magazine release and exhibition, 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA
October 25 – Heap with Swoon + David Ellis, Black Rat Press, London, England
Oct 19 – Jan 13 – Convergence: CCAC Alumni, Oakland Airport, Oakland, CA
November 17 – Pachanga, Galeria de la Raza, San Francisco, CA

February 9- Sold Out, White Walls Gallery. San Francisco, CA
February 10- Interwoven, Onsix Gallery. San Francisco, CA
February 15- Osaka Print Exchange, Oliver Art Center, Oakland, CA
June 2 – Ethsix Magazine Launch & Art Exhibition, AR Space. San Francisco, CA

July 6 – Well Hung, White Walls Gallery, San Francisco, CA
July 20 – The Sleeping Habits of Strangers, Cell Space, San Francisco, CA

August 2 – Best of The Bay Show, Onsix Gallery, San Francisco, CA
October 19 – Oakland: West Side Story, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF, CA
December 1 – The Girls Room, Jen Beckman Gallery, New York, NY
December 14 – Dirty Hands, Cinders Gallery. Brooklyn, NY
December 16 – Gratitude Nights, Benefit, 111 Townsend, San Francisco, CA
December 29 – Destroy Everything, Stuhltrager Gallery, Brooklyn, Ny

January 7 – Sacred Geometry, Onsix Gallery, San Francisco, CA
January 28 – Interwoven, Onsix Gallery, San Francisco, CA
February 9 – Group Show, Chow, San Francisco, CA
February 16 – Ocean Crossing: Osaka Print Exchange, Oliver Art Center, Oakland, CA
February 16 – Ghosts and Monsters, Nexus Gallery, Berkeley, CA
March 18 – Bucky Printers, Boontling Gallery, Oakland, CA
April 23 – Group Show, Kyle’s, Berkeley, CA
May 14 – Every Dog Has It’s Day, Red Ink Studios, San Francisco, CA
July 15 – Underground, Counter Pulse, San Francisco, CA
July 16 – None The Less, Needles and Pens, San Francisco, CA
July 22 – Comfort, Mission 17 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
September 9 – Labyrinth, Red Ink Studios/ Onsix Gallery, San Francisco

October 30 – Seven Deadly Sins, Onsix Gallery, San Francisco, CA 


October 17 – The Bent Show, Lobot Gallery, Oakland, CA
November 20 – Group Show, Needles and Pens, San Francisco, CA

2021 – May 6 – The Intricate Intimate, co curated w/ Swoon & BLK Palate, Allouche Gallery, New York
2015 July 10- Alchemy Show (Work, installation and curating), interstate Gallery, Detroit, MI
2012 Iron to Gold/ Ashes to Hope: Art auction to benefit future Detroit Installation Art Museum,
Chandran Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2006 October 13 – We Will All Be Well : A Benefit, Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2023 – Building Face, El Rio, San Francisco, CA
2022 – Dec Trans Elders mural. S.A.F.E. Arts, San Francisco, CA
2022 – Nov – MCXT // Babelab building front Mural, Oakland, CA
2022 – Oct – MCXT // All Souls, Mural, St Coffee, New Orleans, LA
2022 – June – MCXT // Poppy drip mural wall, Private commission, Los Angeles, CA
2021 – Jan – MCXT// Deer mural + install for private client, San Francisco, CA
2020 – July – MCXT// Life water Mural for Bell Highschool, Los Angeles, CA
2020 – July – MCXT// Black lives matter mural, Lawndale, Los Angeles, CA
2020 – Jan – MCXT// custom built Main entryway mural for CZI, Redwood City, CA
2019 – June – Entryway mural for Crescent Care Clinic, New Orleans, LA
2019 – June – Collaborative mural with Hussman/ Tschaeni & MCXT, Oakland, CA
2019 – May – MCXT// mural for Sparks / Google io, Shoreline Ampatheater, Mountian View, CA
2018 – July – Chicken Hut Mural with Xara Thustra, Brooklyn, N
2018 – Feb – MCXT// Sycamore Ally Queer mural, San Francisco, CA
2017 – Sept – Lair Fera storefront Mural with Xara Thustra, Brooklyn, NY
2017 – June – Queer Trans spaces Mural with Xara Thustra, The Stud, San Francisco, CA
2017 – April – Tree of life Mural with Xara Thustra, Elena Stonaker, Ektor Garcia, Villas Tulum, Mexico
2015 – Oct – Mural for Blank Canvas/ Converse, Pop Allston, Boston, MA
2015 – Sept 17- 27 – Murals in The Market, Inner State Gallery, Detroit, MI
2014- july 11-19 -Painted desert project with Doodles, Navajo Nations Reservation, Arizona
2014 – Aug 3-10, Djerba Hood project. Tunisia
2008 – September 7 – Mural with David Ellis- unveiling, Deitch Projects. Long Island City, NYC
2005 – September 17 – Mission Art Walk: 14th Street Mural Project, Needles and Pens, SF

2022 – Oct 10 – Indigenous Peoples day NFT + commissioned work, The History Channel, Los Angeles, CA
2022 – Sept- Venetian Water Carnival exhibition, Santa Cruz MAH Museum, Santa Cruz, CA
2022 – Sept 24 – Nautical Parade Performance + Boat installation, Capitola Beach, Capitola, CA
2022 – June – oct 6 – MCXT Adonis alter installation, Common ground preview, Lezin Gallery, MAH Museum, Santa Cruz, CA
2022 – July – All costuming & Props for Annie Sprinkle, Playing with Fire film + art wedding, Sagehen, CA
2021 – Nov 5-20, TRY: queer performance, set design & costuming, The Lab + Z Space, San Francisco, CA
2020 – July 4 – ALL BLM flag MCXT collab with Emory Douglas + event, Tribune Tower, Oakland, CA
2016 – 2019 Beyond Trend Fashion show with Creative Growth, Oakland, CA
2017 -May 29 – June 13- Future tongue/ Sanctuary show. Little Toyko Arts Complex, Los Angeles, CA
2014- july 11-19 -Painted desert project with Doodles, Navajo Nations reservation, Arizona
2014 – Rare Sea/ underwater installation with Swoon for Miami Art Basel, Loews Pool, Miami, FL
2013 – Dec 5- Chandran/ Juxtapoz Beach house installation/ exhibition, Shore Club, Miami, FL
2013 – Feb 14 – June 7- Paper Works with The Oakland Airport @ The Oakland Airport, Oakland, CA
2013 – May 26- Hold The Fort/ Home Mender Installation, Historic Fort Wayne, Detroit, MI
2012- May 7 Home Mender, Public Art Project with the DC Art’s Commission, Anacostia, DC
2011 – November 24 – Hotel Reconstruction Art/ Reconstruction/Video project, Columbia, MO
2011 – October 23 – Passport, SF Arts Commission Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2011 – August 12-14 – Art Installation, Outside Lands Festival, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
2010 – October 12- Nov 2 – Juxtapoz/ Powerhouse Art House Project. Detroit, MI
2010 – May 22 – The Get Together, Installation at the Marin Headlands, Marin, CA
2009 – Swimming Cities of Serenissima: Junk raft project (crew, artist, performer), Venice, italy
2008 – Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea: Junk Raft Project (crew, performer), Hudson River, NYC
2008 – October 23 –Contain, Anonymous Gallery. New York, New York

2022 Art and Ecology, feature, Pyramyd Editions, by Valérie Belmokhtar
2019 Spider Love Songs and Other Stories by Nancy Au, Book cover art
2018 MCXT collaborative monographic book with Xara Thustra, published by Muddguts, 104 pages
2016 Ancient Relics Book, artist feature
2015 Djerbahood: Open-air Museum of Streetart, by Mehdi Ben Cheikh, Gallery Itinerrance, feature
2014 Paper Birds// Lost Faces, (Monographic Book), published by Chandran Gallery
2012 Raw + Material = Art: found, scavenged & upcycled, by Tristan Manco, London: Thames & Hudson, p. 8, 12, 13, 56-65
2011 TENWORDSANDONESHOT: Volume 1, self published by Kevin Krumnikl, I / I / X, P.
2009 Our Starry Universe, (self published) Monica Canilao, Hardland/ Heartland, Art of this Gallery, MM Nine Lives, 46 pages
2009 Hot & Cold Issue #1, (handmade pages, hand bound) edition of 150, P.
2008 This Is Home (monographic art book), Monica Canilao, Rojo Books: Barcelona, Sintonison, 240 pages
2008 Hope Springs Eternal, catalogue for Needles & Pens show in London, (handmade/ hand assembled by the artists), 50 pages/ edition of 200, P. 4-8
2008 Signs of the Apocalypse/ Rapture, by David Castillo, Front Forty Press, P.
2008 Ethsix: Seeing the Un-scene- Volume 3, Group published, P.21
2007 Downy Bird Art Kingdom Contemporary West Coast Art, by Matthew Bowers, M.L. Granlund, P. 9-12
2006 Ethsix: Invisible City- Volume 1, Group published, P.25

2022 Metalsmith Magazine, Artist feature by Rebekah Frank
2019 A Living History, Cordella Magazine article, Artist feature, Issue 12- Distances
2019 Femmescapes Vol. 5, August Issue, Artist feature
2019 SF Fight Magazine, April Issue, MCXT art Feature
2018 Bust magazine, Oct/ Nov issue, Art feature
2016 Bust Magazine, Sept issue, Fashion style feature
2016 Carolina Quarterly, Cover plus 16 page Artist feature, Summer issue
2011 The Glass Onion: Salvage Issue # 97, October 28, (Feature) P. 3-4 & Cover
2011 San Francisco Chronicle- Section C1, (Outside Lands installation shot), August 13,
2011 East Bay Express: Best of the East Bay, July 20-26, P. 20 & Cover
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2010 YESYESYES magazine, December- Issue #1, (Feature) P. 49-54
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2022 Art Jewelry Forum, Artist Feature by Rebekah Frank
2019 A Living History, Cordella Magazine article, Artist interview + feature, Issue 12- Distances
2019 Cicada Wheels, Artist interview, Jan 2
2016 Co-working Witch Wives, East Bay Express, article feature, Feb 17
2016 Swoon + Monica Canilao: Witch Wife, Hi Fructose Magazine, March 1 by Caro
2014 Mimicry: Monica Canilao & Outi Pieski, Wall Street International Magazine, Nov 13
2014 Born From Ruins, White Hot Magazine, Artist Feature, by Lyle Zimskind
2012 Dream world, Hi fructose Magazine, May 13, by Nastia Voynovskaya
2012 Studio Visit with MC, Hi fructose Magazine, July 5, by Ken Harman
2011 In The Make, Studio visit & Feature with Monica Canilao, Nov
2011 Little Old One, Hi Fructose Magazine, Nov 16, by Nastia Voynovskaya
2011 What’s lost is Safe, Hi fructose Magazine, May 11, 2011
2010 We Are Dust, Hi Fructose Magazine, April 24, by Ken Harman
2016 Artist Feature, Fecal Face, Oct 11

2021 – Amplifier art public art commission designs/ poster work series/ three posters
2021 – Ritual of Perspective, Podcast design and artwork
2020 Peculiar Places: A Queer/Crip History of White Rural Nonconformity (cover) Ryan Lee Cartwright,
University of Chicago Press, cover art
2019- ‘Spider Love Song and Other Stories’, by Nancy Au (Book cover), Acre Books
2012 – None of This Is Real, by Miranda Mellis, (cover illustration), Sidebrow Books,
2012 – Bowerbirds, “The Clearing” LP (Record Art), Dead Oceans, released May 3, 2012
2012 – Bowerbirds, “In The Yard” 7” (Record Art), Dead Oceans, released April 21, 2012
2011 – Japanther, “Beets, limes and Rice” (Record art), Recess Records, released October 18, 2011
2010 – “Haiti’s Eternal Weight” (Illustration), New York Times, July 8, 2010. Page A25

2022 ReflectioNNN performance film
2017 Swoon: fearless, highlighted artist and speaker
2015 Bring Water, Set Build/ Costume/ Actor, Independent Film -Dir. Dustin Wright
2012 Orion, Costume Designer/ Production Designer, Independent film – Dir. Asiel Norton, Traction media
2011 (released 2013) Dear Valued Guests (highlighted artist), documentary art film by Jarred Alterman & Paul Sturtz, Columbia, MI
2008 (released 2013) Flood Tide (artist filmed on Swimming Cities), a feature length art film by Tod Chandler
2011 Morning Routine, art/ set decoration, film short by Noah Pritzker
2011 Empire Me (artist filmed on Swimming Cities), a film by Paul Poet

2021 Top finalist for Artadia (MCXT),
2013 The Fleishacker Foundation Eureka Fellowship, San Francisco, CA
2011 Best Artist, The East Bay Express, July issue. San Francisco Bay Area, CA

2008 – 2014 – San Francisco Day School, artist in Residence:
Founding artist of community recycling art camps, Art Forts & Art Boats & the after school costume & sewing class

2021 Dec 22, artist talk with Apexer, 836M, San Francisco, CA
2020 Feb 24-25, Jewelry making workshop with Creative Growth Artists, Oakland, CA
2013 July 25, Collage demo & lecture, KALA, Berkeley, CA
2011 Oct 15 – Nov 5 – Four Part workshop with Girls Inc. in conjunction with the Schwitters Exhibition,
Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA
2010 Femina Potens, Headdress, costume & merkin making workshop, San Francisco, CA
2009 Sonoma State Visiting Artist Lecture, Sonoma, CA
2009 East Oakland High School of The Arts, mural painting workshop
2008 Southern Exposure, Workshop and lecture at the Luggage Store Gallery for Feral

2022 Artist In residency with Santa Cruz MAH Museum of art and History, Santa Cruz, CA
2021 Dec open studio + residency + solo exhibition, 836M , San Francisco, CA
2018 July residency with Xara Thustra, Bed Stuy Art Residency, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Sept residency with Xara Thustra, Bed Stuy Art Residency, Brooklyn, NY
2017 April – May Residency & Exhibition w/ Xara Thustra, Elena Stonaker, Ektor Garcia, at Residentia Goriila, Tulum, Mexico
2014 Painted Desert Project with Doodles, Navajo Nations Reservation, AZ
2011 residency with Kyle Ranson, Neon, Malmo, Sweden